Discover some useful tips, how-tos and best practices around Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning in Retail

5 use cases to boost your business. See Infographic >

machine learning in retail


Big Data Analytics in Retail

5 reasons for being one of the most effective weapons to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. See Infographic >

big data analytics in retail


Why DataSonar? Learn about DataSonar’s features that are revolutionizing Big Data Analytics

See why DataSonar’s unique features will revolutionize big data analytics, eliminate its main delays, friction and costly requirements. See Infographic >

why datasonar


The impact of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics in Banking & Financial Services

Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics in Banking deliver real-time insights on customers, operations, and markets, to balance risk and reward by the second. See Infographic >

Big Data Analytics in Finance


Big data value by business role

Does your Big Data solution address all the challenges of your specific job function? How well does it perform? We know that whatever your job is, you’re up against a lot. Get a better tool, do a better job. See Infographic >

Big data vale by business role


Types of Questions and Characteristics of a good one for Data Analysis

Doing data analysis requires quite a bit of thinking. Many of the “fatal” pitfalls of a data analysis can be avoided by expending the mental energy to get the question right. In this infographic, we share the types of questions that can be asked, and how to apply the iterative epicycle process so that when you start looking at data, you have a sharp, answerable question, ensuring that, in the end, your interpretation of the results is correct. Then, we share the key characteristics of a good question to help you in the process. See Infographic >

Types of Questions and Characteristics of a good one for Data Analysis


Reaching Insights with DataSonar

Meet DataSonar and start reaching insights since day one. The next level of Big Data and Machine Learning. A truly end-to-end, hybrid Platform that eliminates the main costs and resource needs associated with data analysis. Real-time, high-performance, scalability and multi-source data. See Infographic >

reaching insights with datasonar big data platform

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