You believe there’s strength in numbers, like facts and love figures. Your solid track record is both a cause and consequence thereof.

DataSonar is Looking for Business Developers

We are looking for Business Developers to work with us in the expansion of DataSonar’s network of partners and clients. Send your CV to and be part of this revolution in the Big Data Analytics market.

Why you’re special

While you’re smart enough to write great code, you’re wise enough to take a step back, look at the whole, and murder a few of your digital darlings for the sake of efficiency and security.

Plus you know that there usually is more than one solution to any problem, and are able to devise them accordingly, reasoning with others for and against each.


Want to help improve a great product ?

We set out from day one to make big data and big problem part ways forever. If you are special, you can propose and discuss anything. After all, reducing processing times from days to seconds seemed impossible at first. See what we mean ?

Drop us a line, even if we’re not hiring. We’ll keep you on our radar.

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