There are two stories to our story.

The technology story

In 2013, Ricardo Ribeiro and Wilson Edgar were conducting biomedical engineering research and acquiring data (human-fat data, to be precise) in the process. As the depth of their research grew, so did the data volumes it generated and the time required to process them.

The context couldn’t be clearer: what good is it to gather huge volumes of data if, instead of navigating your way in a sea of data, you are drowning in it ? And even if you can process it, what if it takes you too long?

The original research was put on hold and the wider problem tackled. They set out to develop an entirely new architecture and set of algorithms that could crunch both their historic and real-time data in seconds, not days. Their solution was so dramatically good that they applied for a US patent.

Our vision

Our vision is to become our clients’ reference partner in designing and implementing innovative, high-performance big-data solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to maximize both the value added to our customers’ businesses and the return for all stakeholders.

The business story

Realizing that entire industries were facing the same reality and increasingly seeing big data as a big problem, the next step was obvious.

Here’s a short timeline:

  1. 2013: the solution is shortlisted by the CoHiTec business incubator
  2. a private entity invests 100 K€ in the solution as the theoretical model settles
  3. 2014: the solution sees its first prototype (Delta group) and wins the EDP Energia award
  4. 2015: three proofs of concept developed for large media, retail and animal healthcare customers
  5. 2015: PKNOA Ltd. is established to turn acquiring, storing, retrieving, analyzing and making economic sense of huge data volumes from an iceberg project into a routine task.
    Maria João Mileu joins the management team as CEO, alongside the co-founders.
    A major round of funding is launched
  6. 2015: PKNOA wins the Lisbon Challenge (Spring edition) and EDP Inovação Seed Race awards
  7. March, 2016: the round of funding ends, at 1.5 M€
  8. 2016: PKNOA, Ltd. becomes PKNOA, S.A.
  9. 2017: PKNOA’s revolutionary solution, branded DataSonar, hits the world market
Maria João Mileu

Maria João Mileu


Ricardo Teresa Ribeiro

Ricardo Teresa Ribeiro


Wilson Edgar

Wilson Edgar


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