Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment needs to analyze massive data streams, from clickstream to social media.

Big Data Platforms enables the industry to spot trends and patterns in order to enhance engagement, provide personalized recommendations, increase retention and optimize their ad campaigns in real time.

Improved targeting

DataSonar enables your digital advertising business to analyze the massive amount of personal data your customers share, and offer them more ads that make sense – to them.
DataSonar can also power the automation of your platform.


DataSonar can analyze a variety of advertising indicators, such as ad placement and optimization, click-through and conversion rates, keyword effectiveness, and others.

Higher player engagement

Your job is to constantly try to increase player retention and monetization. Your creators can use Datasonar’s advanced analytics to get to know players better and offer them more meaningful gaming experiences.

Now that you know Big Data Media & Entertainment solutions, see how DataSonar can help you on your function.

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