Healthcare generates mainly unstructured data: medical records, prescriptions, lab results, medical devices, imaging reports, clinical and billing data. Big Data platforms can use all to generate valuable insights for improving patient diagnoses, increase efficiency and control costs.

Genome processing and DNA sequencing

The genomics sequencing market is undergoing explosive growth. Accelerate the development of clinical trials and other vital applications with DataSonar’s low-cost, single-platform, efficient storage and processing – just the mix for handling the increasingly large volumes of sequencing data you are generating.

Customized treatment

A personal plan customizes treatment (the patient’s specific needs, likes and dislikes can be considered) and continuously monitors the effects of medication (doses can be adapted or changed based on effectiveness).
DataSonar provides real-time access to patient data so that medical decisions can be made accordingly and on time.

Your second brain

Better diagnoses come from accessing broader pools of knowledge, which ideally comes from having a full team of your fellow physicians at hand and expert systems containing detailed knowledge of case studies, condition-symptom matches, medications and side effects.
DataSonar fits individual data sets into population models and applies machine learning algorithms to help you converge onto, or rule out, a diagnosis.

Fraud detection

Whether coming from inside (resource abuse, wrongful patient records or billing) or outside (simultaneous treatment of the same patient in different places) an organization, fraud must be detected based on analyzing anomalies and inconsistencies.
DataSonar is there to spot occurrences in real time and alert you to investigate them before human or financial damage occurs.

Vital monitoring

You look to provide more proactive care by constantly monitoring patient vital signs. The resulting data can be used in real time to alert for changes in a patient’s condition.
DataSonar helps in collecting the growing body of data and stream it in real time into algorithms for prompting emergency action.

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