Government & Public Authorities

State and regional government agencies use Big Data to accomplish the critical missions and objectives of managing multivariate and fast-changing societies.

Combating crime

Money from all manner of criminal activity goes into the banking system daily. After laundering, it goes on to finance… all manner of criminal activity.
Whether you’re a financial authority or a central bank, you need analytics to monitor large numbers of bank transactions and follow the money. DataSonar uses machine learning for spotting patterns and anomalies, and help combat crime.


Increasing geopolitical complexity, increasing technological opportunity, and increasing budget constraints. Big data makes it possible to address the three-pronged reality which you face today, and to help your agents and analysts make better decisions in view of voluminous and sometimes contradictory data.
Cyberwar is here. DataSonar is a weapon; big data, ammunition.

Cybersecurity and intelligence

These may be regarded as defense components. While constant computer-network monitoring, intrusion-attempt analysis, malware mitigation are your daily deal, they needn’t be an ordeal.
DataSonar’s prediction models let you design different contingency plans for handling different scenarios and activate your security procedures before a full crisis hits.

Tax compliance

If you’re a tax authority, DataSonar is your best inspector, tirelessly analyzing and cross-checking structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.
Automate and improve your routine of detecting suspicious behavior, tax evasion, ID fraud, sudden property changes, and other wrongdoing.

Emergency communications and response

Consolidating data from different agencies helps local authorities coordinate communications and relief efforts during emergency situations.
Scan Facebook posts and Twitter hashtags in real time to confirm shortage trends or special needs.

Traffic optimization

Urban traffic is a daily environmental hazard and a waste of time and money. As a traffic manager, you need to analyze traffic data as accurately and as fast as patterns change, and suggest rerouting alternatives.
As a planner, you need to gather sensor, GPS and camera data to identify chronic problem areas and propose the next urban mobility solution.

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