Energy / Oil & Gas (upstream)

The Energy / Oil & Gas relies heavily on sensor-based data to monitor oil assets.

Companies now can leverage big data technologies to collect, manage and rapidly analyze seismic, drilling and production data to gain new insights, optimize operations, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge – all while preventing environmental and safety threats.

Smarter exploration

Discovery and drilling can be made smarter by analyzing the huge amounts of data generated by seismic sensors during O&G exploration.
DataSonar can further analyze weather and soil data to help predict the next hit.

Oil production

Further to seismic and drilling, production data enhances output from existing wells. This data can help in deciding when to make changes in the reservoir or when to change lifting.
DataSonar can also be used to forecast production and help decide whether to keep a well in production or abandon it.

Equipment maintenance

DataSonar’s real-time analysis of sensor and geological data predicts potential equipment failure and identifies which equipment is best for a given environment. Significant savings are obtained while drilling errors are prevented.
Better preventative maintenance means better operational efficiency.

Reservoir engineering

Integrating your reservoir’s real-time data into its mathematical model is key to more accurately predict availability and identify reserves.
DataSonar helps to process and analyze real-time data from earth models and better understanding of the subsurface to develop safer and more sustainable drilling.

Environmental safety

Environmental oversight is a serious, multiple risk: further to the environment, your people, equipment and business are on the line.
DataSonar can analyze data from different sources to pinpoint drilling and well trouble before it becomes too serious, thus giving you time to take preemptive or corrective action.

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