Big Data solutions by Function

Whatever your job is, you’re up against a lot.
Get a better tool, do a better job.
DataSonar gives you the power. Start getting ahead today.

Business Analyst

Your first goal is to stay aware, and ahead, of your competition. Your daily concerns are improving operational efficiency, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and protecting the company’s ability to grow and evolve, all while keeping your customers happy.
You need to test and compare many business scenarios; set up predictive models based on historic and real-time data; catch variables, monitor deviation, trigger alarms; make decisions, take action.
You wish you had more and better insights, faster. You aren’t sure where your competition stands, and yearn for a technology partner that’s not just a vendor, but standing today where the market will be in a few years.

IT Manager

You stress over honoring your SLAs and meeting response times of deployed solutions. You’re in charge of managing the current generation of infrastructure and architectures, and designing the next one.
You wonder when your security and disaster-recovery policies and procedures will be tested.
You wish you didn’t have to choose between performance and scalability. Your life would be a lot simpler if you could standardize handling those massive amounts of data with one single tool with a single license, automating routine chores to free up resources.

Data Scientist

You care about data, from that you need and have, to that you don’t know you need.
Quantity, quality, relations, timeliness, relevance are the order of the day; then come insight and meaning.
You’re happy when you have all your data aggregated and standardized in one place, regardless of schema-ing. You’re happier if you then find it easy to develop the best queries and algorithms to process them, playing out different scenarios on the fly, with a single SW suite to learn and operate, on an end-to-end platform. You’re happiest if you have a consistent and complete ML framework.

Partner / VAR

Your business is to create more innovative solutions for your customers, allowing them to become more competitive and generate more value for both parties.
You wish you could grow your customer base, or even venture into new markets, by partnering with a radically new supplier, offering your customers new, more powerful solutions. Ideally, that would mean easier and more cost-effective deployment.

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