Getting started

Big data software isn’t usually easy to use. Meet DataSonar and learn how easy power and flexibility can be.

Wizard or Script – you choose

DataSonar is a multi-user platform where any background is valid for using and exploring data. Whether technical- (IT engineer or Data scientist) or business-minded (business-line manager or CxO), you can choose between interfacing DataSonar through an easy-to-use, wizard-based friendly application to ease through analyses and outcomes, or the good old terminal type script.


DataSonar’s full-stack does away with the need for different tools, which reduces TCO, specialized know-how and software maintenance, unlike every other competitor’s multiple-stack, multiple-architecture ecosystem solutions (Hadoop-based, in-memory, NoSQL, SQL).

Explore to Discover

DataSonar’s unique, flexible model lets you explore their ideas based on data, not the other way around. More than having pre-defined statistics, DataSonar allows for quickly telling a story and displaying the findings on a dashboard, upon which results are ready for exploration by saving the dashboard or sharing it with relevant parties.


View and monitor on a single screen KPIs and the most important information. Quickly glance at your queries with real-time updates and minimal interaction. When all business objectives are consolidated, save the dashboard for continuous analysis and share (or simply discard) it.

Share your Insights

When large data sets are potentially available for analysis, collaborative analysis is an efficient way to achieve a goal while reducing exploration time. This is achieved by sharing results across users and analyzing associations between them and the data model structure of the business. DataSonar favors sharing and collaborative work.

Rule it in Real-Time

DataSonar’s integrated CEP engine allows you to define as many business rules as they need, as simple as drag-and-drop. All information streams coming in can be analyzed, and decisions made, in real time, based on business rules.

Data Analytics

With a vast number of operators, from normal descriptors to complex classifiers, DataSonar’s analytics is key to unleashing all the exploration potential of the different possible algorithms. No business question goes unanswered, no scenario goes untested. Confident outcomes and best value come when you dig deep into data because of the platform, not despite the platform.

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