Why DataSonar?

Without An Opinion, You’re Just Another Person With Data

Milo Jones and Philippe Silberzahn, in Forbes, March 15, 2016

Whether you need a complete Big Data platform, or an infrastructure to support and increase the performance levels of your algorithms, DataSonar is the most efficient and straightforward solution you can get for Big Data and Analytics.

DataSonar is a full-stack platform – from data storage and analysis, to visualization – presenting an end-to-end simplicity that greatly reduces the amount of resources your company will need for the data analysis process.

Amazing Performance

Our innovative data model enables the application of complex models and analyses with unparalleled levels of performance, mainly in read and write operations.

Minimum Software Costs

With a truly full-stack infrastructure, different and expensive software and specialized labour are no longer necessary.

Quick & Simple Setup

DataSonar’s model is based on a logical configuration paradigm and standardizes any data type. It combines the best of time-series, relational and graph databases.

Besides its efficiency, the unique technology inside DataSonar enables companies to optimize value extraction from their data.

Fewer Integration Issues

A complete, unique structure means no time and resources wasted in integrating different components. From data integration to visualization in a simple, seamless platform.

Richer Insights

Real-time data is immediately incorporated in the analysis of large, diverse sets of historical data, resulting in richer, more accurate results.

Maximum Versatility

With DataSonar, companies can apply their own specific algorithms and models, analyze any data format, and leverage DataSonar’s potential for any business area.

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